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dbFrameIT generates the data transfer objects, data-access layer, business-access layer and Windows Communication Foundation framework of your business entities that provide you the following advantages in developing your database driven applications:

  • The development time is reduced drastically. The time required by the developers to create objects, SQL queries and then map the results of the queries to objects is completely eliminated so that developers can concentrate on developing the UI application.
  • Creates the entire business access layer and Windows Communication Foundation framework libraries that have been tested and debugged. You only need to concentrate on testing the UI application code and your business logic.
  • Generates compiled .NET class libraries for ASP.NET Business Access Layer, WPF Business Access Layer, WPF WCF Client, SilverLight 3 and Silverlight 4 WCF Client as well as WCF Server.
  • Creates reference documentation of the properties and methods of your business entities that developers can use.
  • Provides the ability to switch to client server model in minutes using Windows Communication Foundation without changing any UI application code.
  • Developers use the same properties and methods for developing UI application regardless whether they are developing using Business Access Layer classes or developing using Windows Communication Foundation client server classes.
  • Provides a performance boost to your application by generating optimized libraries and SQL scripts.
  • Generates native VB.NET or C# libraries for both .NET framework 3.5, .NET framework 4.0, Silverlight 3 and Silverlight 4.