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dbFrameIT is the complete entity modeling solution for your database driven ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight and Windows Forms applications. It creates and manages persistent .NET objects to and from the underlying relational database.

It provides you with an easy to use User Interface(UI) for defining your business entities. It automatically verifies and creates the relationships between parent, child and sibling objects and generates the SQL required for reading and saving these objects to and from the database. It can also access persistent database objects such as stored procedures, views and functions to build your business entities.

It uses the Database First approach for modeling your business entities and builds pure .NET compiled libraries to interact with these business entities without the need of any additional runtime libraries.

It generates compiled .NET class libraries for ASP.NET Business Access Layer, WPF Business Access Layer, WPF WCF Client, SilverLight 3 and 4 WCF Client as well as WCF Server.

It can generate the libraries for Windows Communication Foundation Server and Windows Communication Client so that you can switch over your application to the client server model in a matter of minutes without the need to change or rewrite any UI application code.

It requires minimal knowledge of SQL and builds the entire underlying business access layer and/or Windows Communication Foundation framework so that the developers can concentrate on building excellent UI applications.

It creates the documentation of the properties and methods of all business entities defined in the dbFrameIT application to provide the business entities reference for the UI developers.

It generates optimized libraries and SQL scripts to provide a performance boost for your UI applications.